Some Tips For The Exterior Painting Of The House

Spokane WA Painters Tips

Remember in Spokane WA, that the best times to carry out a painting are spring and autumn, avoiding temperatures below 5 ° C, and avoiding rainy or windy days.


Like rain and wind, even the sun could create problems if the wall to be treated directly exposed to its rays: it is, in fact, good to avoid painting the wall when it is exposed to the sun.


The first operation to be performed before moving on to painting will be an energetic brushing to remove parts in partial detachment, impurities, and old sagging paints.


Properties and types of exterior paints


Spokane painters believe the properties to consider before buying the right color are waterproofness, breathability, and resistance. Good quality paint can provide protection resistant to atmospheric agents, dirt, and pollution. Starting from the principle that every building breathes, in addition to breathability, the absence of substances harmful to the environment, is positively evaluated by the market.


Furthermore, there are also colored plasters, with a thickness between 0.5 and 1.5 mm, whose subdivision re-proposes that of paints (quartz, siloxane, silicates, lime and elastomeric) and material coatings, products that are applied on a wall surface for decorative and protective purposes, having a thickness higher than those obtained in normal painting with the use of various paints. Also, for coatings, the subdivision is made based on the classification already adopted for paints (quartz, siloxane, silicate, lime, and elastomeric).


Exterior Painting in Spokane WA

Choice of the exterior color of the house


The choice of color and type of painting must be evaluated, overcoming personal taste.


The chromatic choice must be made based on the characteristics of the building and the context in which the building itself is inserted.


For example, the houses of Spokane frequently have rather strong colors such as blue, red, and brown, while the Mediterranean houses have very light colors, almost always tending to white.

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