Ideas For Renovating The Exterior Of Your Home

Home Renovations Spokane WA

In this article, we suggest hints and ideas renovate the exterior of your home in Spokane with green building criteria that can, on the one hand, contribute to the energy requalification of the building and concrete savings on heating costs, and on the other hand renew the design and the functionality of the envelope of your home.

Roof renovation: materials and types

The restyling of the exterior includes a series of different interventions, but common sense suggests starting from the roof, as it is from there that most of the heat is lost. What are the best insulation materials? Which structure allows us to combine aesthetic sense and functionality?

Among the low thermal conductivity materials with the best thermal insulation performance, we find:

  • Wood: natural and eco-sustainable material, wood is used effectively for the internal cladding and the roof structure, as it guarantees a high capacity to shield the building from external temperatures, maintaining constant environmental comfort and thus reducing consumption for domestic cooling and heating. Furthermore, the internal wooden roof guarantees greater seismic safety. If subjected to seismic action, the wooden roof absorbs the thrust more and consequently withstands the impact better than more rigid structures such as concrete or brick.
  • PVC: PVC is an increasingly thick material used to cover the roof in place of tiles. Today, these roofs are much more refined in design than in the past; They are versatile, light, waterproof, and thermal insulating solutions. The PVC roof has an excellent quality-price ratio and can become a valid alternative to more expensive materials.

Spokan Exterior house renovation: facade painting

What makes the house more aesthetically pleasing? What interventions can increase its commercial value? Surely giving a more orderly appearance to the outdoors contributes decisively: designing paths, flower beds, fences, correctly separating pedestrian areas from driveways. These are all interventions aimed at redefining your home’s outdoor spaces in the best possible way, making them more livable and cared for.

But other aspects are also fundamental:

  • Renovate the facade with a paint suitable for outdoor use and resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Create a thermal coat that guarantees the same level of thermal insulation as the roof, so that the environment’s energy-saving and health can bring together all the structural elements of the home.
  • Replacing the old windows with new PVC windows can further improve the building’s energy efficiency and give a modern and elegant look to the outside of the house. It will be enough to choose windows that know how to combine the quality of materials with an increasingly refined and innovative design.

Exterior and facade painting in Spokane WA

Among the ideas for renovating the exterior of the house quickly and relatively cheaply, we find an exterior painting. The choice of color combinations depends not only on personal tastes but also on the specific municipal regulations regarding the “ Color Plan.” Once it has been ascertained that there are no particular restrictions or architectural constraints, it will be possible to choose the colors to our liking to redo the look of the external facade.

The market offers many exterior painting solutions, but the most important characteristics to consider when choosing the type of paint are:

  • impermeability
  • Breathability
  • brilliance
  • Duration

Renovating the exterior of the house: conclusions

After reviewing some of the ideas for renovating the exterior of the house, with an eye on savings/functionality and one on aesthetics/design, we can conclude that the renovation of the external envelope of our home cannot be separated from the most innovative bio criteria -building and the passive house model that is establishing itself as the housing system of the near future.

Renovation systems that increasingly aim at economic savings and respect for the environment, but also at taking care of the aesthetic impact of the building on the surrounding environment, which translates into a guarantee of urban harmony and decor, and, ultimately, in a general improvement of the quality of life and daily well-being.…