How To Choose The Exterior Colors Of The House And The Combinations Of The Facade

Exterior Painting Colors in Spokane

Choosing exterior colors for your Spokane WA home is an important decision. If it is a new coloring, it must be thought of during the design phase to be consistent with the architectural project’s style and reflect personal taste. If, on the other hand, we are talking about a renovation or a reconstruction of the plaster because it has deteriorated, the external painting experts recommend choosing in compliance with the identity of the building and the living spaces. But it’s not always possible to use the colors you want. Suppose your home is located within a thick urban fabric or in an ancient historic center. In that case, you must first make sure that there are no municipal prescriptions or particular regulations about the so-called color plane.

How to choose exterior home colors based on the type

When choosing the facades’ exterior color, you must keep in mind the type of house to be painted and the context in which it is located. The exterior colors for a beach house cannot be the same as those you would use for a modern house or paint the exteriors of a country house. Each place and the environment has its color palette, and having a reference from an expert painter will help you choose the colors of the exterior walls.

Best colors for exterior in Spokane WA

Generally, these are buildings in the historic center that may be subject to municipal constraints to be respected. By far, the most used color for the exterior of the houses is antique pink, capable of transmitting that feeling of passion and history typical of ancient houses. Although less common, other colors are used to color the exteriors of ancient houses: we point out brick red, ocher, light green, and shades of yellow and brown.

What are the most popular exterior color styles

The external finishing is that phase that defines the facade’s style, and that gives character and personality when you have decided what to paint. According to the latest design trends, there are seven styles of exterior house colors that are most in-demand. Let’s see them together, each with its photographic example, which will help you better than any word to understand which one is best suited to your plastering and grouting idea.

How to identify the most effective paint and tints for exterior facade colors

For architectural coherence, for a municipal constraint, for personal pleasure or fashion, whatever the reason you choose the colors for outdoors, the advice is to contact professional painters in your area. They will provide you with all the information you need on waterproofness, resistance, and breathability of the colors. They will also explain the differences between quartz or silicate paints. They will also offer you the opportunity to see the final result before laying the plaster by simulating the exterior color of the house.…